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Yuri Lane - Human Beatbox CD

Yuri Lane defies easy categorization, and so does his debut CD, Yuri Lane: Human Beatbox.

This groundbreaking, 100%-beatbox album is rooted in hip-hop, but goes beyond to embrace the astonishing range of sound the human body is capable of creating.

Just one man emits head-nodding beats, vocal scratches and minimalist percussion punctuating a Tuvan throat-singing chorus.

Yuri provides ample evidence of his rhythmic talent in single-track songs like "Breath Control" and "Quickbox", but doesn't settle for beatbox purism.

On collaborations with spoken word poet Witness, jazz bassist Lorin Cohen, MC Prob Cause and DJ Grimmace, Lane complements his collaborators' styles with originality and playfulness. His signature "Beatbox Harmonica" is a musical gem that transcends genres and must be heard to be believed.