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Signs of the Apocalypse / Rapture

Signs of the Apocalypse / Rapture is a curatorial survey of a pivotal moment in contemporary art and thought.

Front Forty Press is pleased to present Signs of the Apocalypse / Rapture. This timely volume features two visual gallery sections replete with diverse and engaging imagery by over sixty world-class artists. A comprehensive section of writings and transcripts on the notion of end times as well as rapturous themes along with two full-length audio CDs complete the book’s presentation.

Delving into the subject matter via visual art, writings, and audio works, Signs of the Apocalypse / Rapture explores the dichotomy of its thesis in a streamlined, functional presentation. More than sixty-five reproductions fill two galleries with each image featured on its own for unencumbered contemplation. Artists presented include well respected icons such as Bill Viola, Ed Ruscha, Richard Misrach, Fred Tomaselli, Julie Mehretu, the Starn twins, Zhang Huan, Will Cotton, Julie Heffernan, Desiree Dolron, Andrew Schoultz, Emilio Perez, Till Gerhard, Ellen Kooi, Simmons & Burke, Robert Ryman and many more.

Essays, interviews, and a poem introduce the book's thesis relative to the spiritual, environmental, political, and sociological implications of the subject matter. A provocative essay from Christopher Bucklow, full transcripts from National Public Radio’s Worldview program on the end of the world including interviews with many well known experts, and a poem from Jay Michaelson comprise the written matter. Two full-length audio discs contained in the book provide a selection of avant garde sound in twenty-one tracks. The audio artists include bands such as Sonic Youth, OM, SunnO))), Yakuza, Zelienople, Death Unit, Jana Hunter, Matteah Baim, and others.

This elegant hardcover book is sold as a limited edition run of two thousand copies. It is a must have for anyone drawn to the hybridized worlds of visual and critical culture.  Look for the feature exhibition of select visual art and sound from Signs of the Apocalypse / Rapture scheduled for Summer 2009 at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago as well!

284 pages, hard cover, 2CDs
11" x 11"
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