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Front Forty Profiles No. 2: Sean Duffy

This is where Duffy's work suspends us: between worlds, between cycles, between piston strokes, between repetitions of a locked groove. A fragment of a song overheard while lying facedown on shag carpeting in a suburban basement at the age of 11 can be as qualitatively and quantifiably meaningful as Beethoven's 9th or the cathedral at Chartres, all depending on where you stand.
-Doug Harvey (excerpt from the essay "What Dreams May Come Again: Sean Duffy's Consumer Paradise" (included in the book))

Front Forty Profiles Series are accessible and affordable soft cover books devoted to remarkable contemporary artists working in various mediums from around the world.

Our second title features the work of Los Angeles based sculptor and installation artist Sean Duffy. Well known for his multi-armed turntables that play records from various points simultaneously, Duffy fabricates and alters materials ranging from office furniture to automotive parts. In creating pieces that contain a lasting resonance and a layered self referential character, Duffy explores American pop culture by relating objects, contexts, and designs that uniquely cross-fade boundary lines between modes of art.

This profile includes a catalog of Duffy's work along with an essay by the lauded critic/curator/artist Doug Harvey and an interview with Sean by the venerable art advisor Veronica Fernandez of Fine Art Advising Services. Together Front Forty Profiles Series No. 2 is an exemplar of Los Angeles talent and the creative output of one of its native sons.

Limited edition of 700 copies. 136 pages, three paper stocks, full-color special insert.

Purchase of the title also gives you access to a private website link to hear and see Duffy's sculptures and installations in action.

All Front Forty Press titles are distributed by The University of Chicago Press.