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Design a Recycling Kiosk, Get Paid!

Wouldn't recycling be more exciting if the recycling bins were decorated by graphic artists? Front Forty Press and www.recyclingbin.com teamed up to create a unique collaboration that puts the artist (you) together with the business of creating and selling large recyclling bins.

We asked some of our graphic artist collaborators to design whatever they wanted onto a template for a monolithic bin (with two sides repeated to make the shape). These initial designs were submitted and presented to the marketplace. Proceeds from any sales would benefit the designer in royalties as well as two worthy organzations- Earthshare and Youth Venture.

So far a few of our designs have been put into production and our designer collaboartors have gladly deposited royalty checks into their bank accounts! We hope to increase the deposits both in terms of recyclables into the bins and dollars into the artists pockets!

You can design your own large recycling bin too. Simply download the template here (Adobe Illustrator needed) and then return it to us. We will present your bin design to our partners at www.recyclingbin.com for use under our arrangement. If your bin is sold to a client it will then be created and FFP  makes sure you get the royalties you deserve. This is an ongoing effort. Perhaps someday this will lead to an outdoor exhibition of many artists' designs.

Form follows funtion. Let's get excited about the reuse of our waste and save this planet together.