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Inner City Light

Inner City Light is a group of dedicated teachers who give urban youth a chance to develop their creative process. Working in Chicago’s subsidized housing areas where time and funds for art education are severely lacking, ICL helps round out the program.

Front Forty Press embraced ICL as a ‘pro-bono’ client and designed a piece that focuses on the ‘heart’ of the matter- the children themselves. Inner City Light is a 26-page booklet highlighting the photographic images shot by ICL students.

Viewing the photography, it is immediately obvious that only youth living in the housing could have taken these shots. The connection between artist and subject is intimate in a way that can only be achieved by living with/amongst one another. By the terms of our society, these individuals are underprivileged, but looking at the images, it is hard not to envy the richness of their lives. Beyond any superficial posturing for the lens, there is profound sense of hope and optimism to be found. The students color photographs have been set against a stylistic compilation of images shot by Doug Fogelson and ICL Director Charles Angell. Designed by David Castillo.

ISBN: 978-0-9778689-0-7
Edition of 1500.