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Green Dynamite

Green Dynamite is both symbolism and activism. The idea of a slow-motion explosion of life beginning with a seed may be the antithesis to the current crises of climate change and war. The native seeds packaged in Green Dynamite tubes are local and native to the ecology around Chicago. These tubes are sold by students, stores, individuals around Chicagoland where they will help the people, plants, and animals within that same local area. What's more, all of the profit generated from sales will be used to help local ecology in other ways as decided by those who sell the product- so more explosions of life can take place!


- packet of seeds
- 4-page insert containing instructions and information
- list of species

Everything is made from 100% post consumer recycled content with the exception of the wick, label, and the bag containing the seeds.

how much is it?

We have suggested that people sell the product at $10 a tube, but there’s a catch: Instead of paying us, we request that all proceeds to be “paid forward”. For example, if a customer “buys” 10 tubes to give away over the holidays, this person has an obligation to donate $100 to an organization that helps Chicago’s local ecology. Front Forty has produced 1,000 tubes in the hopes that the potential $10,000 be donated back into the local ecology in addition to re-wilding the land with the native species. If you are not sure where to donate, here are some suggestions:


1000 tubes were produced, so with your help a potential $10,000 will be donated back into your local ecology in addition to re-wilding the land with the enclosed native species.

where you can find Green Dynamite

Sprout Home (sprouthome.com)
Grand Street Gardens (grandstreetgardens.com)
Hejfina (www.hejfina.com)
Healthy Green Goods (healthygreengoods.com)
Ethical Planet (thicalplanet.com)
...and many individuals, teachers and students.

Contact FFP for your Green Dynamite!

Green Dynamite would not be possible without the efforts of Beyond Today and Riverbank Neighbors.