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Front Forty Profiles No. 1: Mark McGinnis

"The images in this book allude to words and expressions concerned with issues such as energy, war, political power, and propagandistic discourse. These eloquent icons are purposed in opposition to words that have become excessively iconic. Their purpose, in fact is to demystify a public discourse that tends too often to be schematic and Manichean... (These) images seem to fight back with the same weapons of simplification and immediacy, while recovering the complexity lost in the media's daily banalization of the news."
-Carlo Vinti (Art and Design Historian)

Front Forty Profiles Series is a new series of accessible and affordable soft cover books devoted to remarkable contemporary artists working in various mediums from around the world.

Front Forty Profiles Series No. 1 features American artist/designer Mark McGinnis—whose work has appeared in solo exhibitions in both Chicago and Los Angeles and has been published in The New York Times and Business Week. McGinnis uses drawing, printmaking and digital processes to create iconography composed of poignant, simplified images that skew preconceptions of popular social and political issues.

McGinnis's studio practice contributes to an "effort to rethink graphic design," proposing it as a cultural practice autonomous from the client-based industry.” –Carlo Vinti (from the book) McGinnis’s commercial and personal work share much of the same process and language, but the latter demonstrates a much deeper authorship over content and context as he translates his work from the printed page to the gallery walls and even out into the street.

This soft cover 120-page book includes an interview with the artist conducted by art writer and critic Victor Cassidy and an essay on McGinnis’s technique and inspiration by art and design historian Carlo Vinti. Also included with the first volume of the Profiles series is a limited edition icon sticker by the artist.

The next big language for our small planet can be nothing other than symbols. Not only is McGinnis fluent in this language, but he achieves a poetry that releases it from mere modern hieroglyph.
-Troy Soriano

Rampant consumer culture has its horrid effects and it is these consequences that makes McGinnis' time bomb tick.
-Geoff Greenberg
Reference Librarian
Roosevelt University

All Front Forty Press titles are distributed by The University of Chicago Press.